White Papers


Decisions are only as good as the information they rely on. Whether you need to make your case to a company exec, help your team settle on a new strategy, or demonstrate the value of your product or service to a potential buyer, white papers are one of the most effective tools in your arsenal.

A well-written white paper packages and contextualizes complex ideas into an accessible and engaging resource. Once created, it can be used to drive discussion, generate leads, educate clients and partners, or solidify a position. Crafting a white paper is time-intensive, though, and requires both legwork and creativity.

That’s where we come in. Research and presentation are ideal tasks for outsourcing. All we need from you is a topic, an audience, and a clear sense of the outcome you’re looking for.

I’ll dive into the academic and industry literature, identify key sources and opposing positions, and develop a detailed and evidence-based exposition of your ideas highlighting their strengths and strategic advantages. The information will be presented in a visually attractive and highly readable report, complete with references and figures as needed.

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